The Butani Legacy

As a young man in 1969, Mr. Papu Butani arrived in Hong Kong from Mumbai. He faced tough times but his passion for hard work brought him success. Mr. Butani gradually defined his vocation to create fine jewellery. Under his vision and leadership, Butani Jewellery has since grown to an organization employing over a hundred specialist individuals worldwide. Today, Mr. Butani has been joined by his two sons Manoj and Mukesh. Their presence has given additional depth, imagination and energy to the thriving and ever-growing business.


The Brand

“Butani – Indulge in Elegance represents everything we aspire to, and what our customers to demand.”
Papu Butani

Butani is an internationally renowned designer of haute couture jewellery. Their unique and exclusive jewels are much sought after by discerning clients. The company has built a reputation for creating personalized handcrafted jewellery for royal families, heads of state and private clients. In addition to their own boutiques they can be found in distinguished retail stores around the world.